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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Have you ever wondered about how often you should wash your satin-lined bonnets?

It really depends on how often you wear your silk bonnets, and also the amount of oil/ hair products you use. You should protect your hair with satin or silk every day. If you wear your bonnet nightly, then two weeks should be a good time frame to give it a good wash.

How to wash your Regal Ivy Afrochic Bonnets:

Hand-washing is ALWAYS best, but delicate machine wash is also okay.

To Hand wash:

  • Fill a medium sized basin or sink halfway with cool water. Add some gentle cleaning detergent, we used baby detergent.

  • Turn your bonnet inside out and soak in sudsy water for about 5- 10min

  • Squeeze bonnet continuously in the sudsy water to help release accumulated dirt and hair oil.

  • Once bonnet is clean, pour out sudsy water and replace with clean cold water.

  • Soak bonnet for about one minute, then squeeze out excess water.

  • Lay your bonnet in a clean towel, wrap in towel and roll to soak up excess water.

  • Hang to dry in natural sunlight.

To Machine wash:

  • Turn bonnet inside out.

  • Place bonnet and scarves inside the washer with like colors, then add some gentle cleaning detergent.

  • Wash in a delicate cycle with cool water.

  • Dry in little to no heat.

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