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Healthy Hair is the BEST hair... 7 tips for better hair.

Your hair has been your day one since day one, right? Even if you were a bald baby, those follicles have been there from day one. we believe that our hair is our crown and deserves the best of love and care.

The secret to healthier hair sometimes seems easier said than done, especially if you're endowed with coarse hair. Let's face it, those wash day and daily "grow long hair" routines from your favorite YouTuber can get a bit overwhelming over time.

Good hair is healthy hair, and we have 7 tips for your best hair.

Your hair is what you eat. Is that how the saying goes? For healthier hair, the first step we recommend is to improve your diet. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Deep Condition Often. Develop a deep conditioning routine that works for your hair and be consistent. Skipping deep conditioning treatments on wash day denies your tresses of all the luster building goodies your hair craves.

Ditch the heat: While we appreciate the beauty and ease of a bomb blow-out, heat damages are real. Opt for heat free methods of stretching your hair, such as banding, braid-outs and bantu knots.

Check your ingredients. What's your shampoo and conditioner made of? Sulfate free shampoo is best for textured hair. Opt for products with mostly natural ingredients. You can also add natural ingredients that support healthy hair to your wash and conditioning routine.

Moisturize daily: dry hair can become brittle leading to breakage. Fill your spray bottle with water, add aloe vera juice or your favorite leave in conditioner for extra moisture.

Destress and massage your scalp. Head massages stimulates scalp health and hair growth. It removes accumulated toxins in the scalp, stimulates the hair follicles to grow thicker hair, and soothes you as it relaxes your head and neck muscles. It's best to pair your scalp massages with oil. You can blend your favorite carrier oils or shop our blend here.

Protect your hair overnight with satin or silk layers. Satin layers are great for maintaining hair moisture, preventing breakage and protecting your ends and edges. There are different types of satin though, so opt for high quality satin to ensure the best results. Shop our best quality luxe bonnets here.

Comment below. how did we do? did we miss anything? what's your go to routine for healthier hair? We love to hear from you!

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