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Inspired by my grandmother Ivy, who was nicknamed Queen by her mother...


Regal Ivy was birthed in 2018 when I couldn’t find the perfect, luxurious bonnet to protect by voluminous protective styles.


I spent weeks researching, found the perfect materials, learned how to sew a bonnet and made a few bonnets for myself and my sisters.


I’ve always been create so it wasn’t really a big deal to me... until my sister fell in love with her bonnets and requested some for her bridesmaids, who in turn loved it and ordered some for their family members.  The orders kept pouring in until I realized that this could be a thing.


As my team continues to expand, my mission is still simple, to create a world where every woman feels comfortable and celebrated.


We hand make pretty, quality hair products that are hair texture inclusive. so I also to empower women to be Queen in their own protecting and loving on their crown... because what’s a Queen without her crown? 

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