Regal Ivy was founded with the intention of empowering women to celebrate themselves as Queens..


Our culturally inclusive designs are inspired by African Queens who ruled dynasties and empires with style and grace. 


Our brand philosophy is to curate a space that celebrates and embodies women as royalty. We achieve this by providing high quality products hand crafted with luxurious textured fabrics such as silk, satin, chiffon, and authentic wax prints. We also source our materials worldwide with the intention of sourcing only the best for our customers.


We believe that Queens deserve the absolute best, and make sure that every member of our team also shares this understanding as we tailor every item we produce to match our philosophy.


Not only do our stylish head wears aim to protect every Queen’s crown, it is also our intention to celebrate the beauty of hair styles and textures that aren’t often celebrated in mainstream beauty. 


The most recent addition to our collection, our beautifully hand crafted Afrochic robes are skillfully produced with fabric textures, prints, designs and colors that femininely accentuate and celebrate brown skins. 


While a lot of our products are designed and made in the USA, we are proud to now be able to partner with highly skilled, professional women entrepreneurs in Nigeria who assist with manufacturing a few of our products.  As a female owned company, we believe in empowering other women economically, and are very excited for the opportunity to play an integral role that promotes financial growth for other women.


When you adorn yourself with Regal Ivy products, we hope that you are instantly reminded of the royalty you are, and that you also never forget.

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